At Morning Glory you will fully integrate your life in treatment with your future. At treatment you created the foundation upon which you will build your new life. Here you will begin to shape what that life will look like. You will learn how to juggle full time work, a personal life, finances, a growing fellowship, 12 step recovery and continue to do the things required to maintain healthy sobriety.

Morning Glory amenities range from single rooms and secured parking, to gaming or sporting around the pool, creating a serene home life for everyone. The house is conveniently located near our counseling center, public transportation, restaurants, gym, 12 step meetings and much more. Semi-democratic rule allows aspects of how the house operates to change based on the group conscience.

Your tailor-made plan of recovery will be your guide to success at Transitional Living and in life afterwards. Addicts and alcoholics are an undisciplined lot, so you will work with your case manager to keep you accountable and grow vital life skills such as: budgeting, career development, and scheduling. Supportive outpatient treatment alongside work with your sponsor, visiting hospitals and institutions and helping other addicts is imperative to healthy recovery; here you will learn to steer your life to include these necessary elements. Our wellness curriculum works on healing the bodies ravaged by addiction, utilizing healthy cooking classes and gym memberships with access to certified personal trainers and instructors.

At Morning Glory Transitional Living you will learn to value the culture created by practicing the principles of recovery in your life. By combining recovery, economic responsibility, supportive care, fellowship and independence you have begun to walk the road of happy destiny and will confidently move towards the next volume of your life where you will write your own chapter.

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